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about us

We specialize in designing artistic websites and more. Creativity development are our domain. We live in Małopolska, in Myślenice near Krakow. I have been a web designer since the beginning of the public internet, sometimes joking that it has been since 1964, with a background in graphic design and a passion for music. I am Bitis /Witold Augustyński/, and Bella Bitis is Karolina /Karolina Augustyńska/. Together, we have created hundreds of interesting websites and a whole bunch of other designs. Our projects are breathtaking! Cats from our Bella Bitis*PL cattery even kneel before us.

It is obvious that the main goal of web design is aesthetics. It is the primary advantage of a website, although the intuitiveness, responsiveness or mobility, and SEO friendliness are also important. Artistic designs encourage visitors to view the website and explore its content, and when the website also meets other requirements, then we have guaranteed success. And that's exactly what we do with our websites.

The texts on the website should be reliable, containing short yet exhaustive information. Lack of information is a basic mistake of bad websites. Visualizations, photos, and drawings are also important, as they provide an image of the described products, offers, or topics. Most people are visual beings. If the client provides us with unedited photos, we take care of their advertising appearance and character. In this matter, please trust us, and over time, you will appreciate it.

We work on the website live and online until the client is satisfied and the project is finalized. There is no place for shoddiness, shortcomings, or flaws. The website should be outstanding, and that's how we deliver it to the client. If someone is only concerned about a low price for a website, we kindly suggest they seek services elsewhere.

Voilà–here is our crazy team. We don't like noise and hustle, the pace of city life, and soulless, concrete walls. We live our own life and rhythm known only to us, sleeping until exhaustion, and then designing. Often with cats on our laps...

We create for people who appreciate originality, with imaginations as vast as ours... I could be a president, a director, even a CEO. The name doesn't commit anyone. So, I am "God"... because I am "God," my Karolek /best wife/ is the "Goddess" of websites. Oh! We also value sarcasm and all intellectual amusements.

With respect
Karolina Augustynska BELLA-BITIS
Witold Augustynski BITIS